The Padlock Guard

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Use on Barn anad Shed Doors
The Padlock Guard blocks access to your locks shackle so that bolt cutters can not get to it while the conical steel guard deflects blows from hammers, bolt cutters or bullets, protecting the lock.
Use on Roll-Up Doors
The Padlock Guard is the perfect answer to securing your toy hauler while you're playing in the desert or your delivery truck when you are away.
Use on Gate Closures
The Padlock Guard is an excellent solution to prevent anyone from opening exposed gate latches.
The Padlock Guard can be used on almost any type of gate or door closure where a padlock is used to prevent tampering.
The Padlock Guard will protect your stuff and keep your stuff... Your Stuff!
Use On Wood Gates Use On Chain Link Gates Use On Storage Buildings Use On Garage Doors

The Padlock Security Guard

The Standard Padlock Guard
Opening: 1¼" - Shaft: ⅜"
The Padlock Guard XL
Opening: 1⅝" - Shaft: ⅜"
The Padlock Guard XL-HD
Opening: 1⅝" - Shaft: ½"
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The Padlock Guard
The Padlock Guard

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